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Harry Potter London Tours

Harry Potter London/Oxford Tours

Harry Potter London/Oxford/Laycock Abbey

If you are a Harry Potter fan (and who isn't), let us take you to the locations where it was filmed. Visit Platform 9¾ and walk in the footsteps of Harry and Hagrid.  See Diagon Alley and The Leaky Cauldron.  Drive over the bridge where the triple-decker Knightbus drove.  Visit the Ministry of Magic, and much more.

3 Hour Harry Potter London Tour = £235

See Harry Potter London, plus visit Oxford where you will see Hogwarts staircase and dining hall, Hogwarts hospital and the music room.  All this, and more.

Approx 6/7 Hours = £385

See Harry Potter London/Oxford, plus Laycock Abbey, which is a 13th Century, mainly unchanged village.  Visit Professor Snapes classroom, the Mirror room (where Harry saw the reflection of his parents), Godricks Hollow and plenty more.

Approx 10 Hours = £525